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Safeguarding Systems, data & clients

Human error. Deliberate tampering. Intellectual property theft. Nowadays, security threats come in many forms – and in-house IT teams struggle to stay on top of them. At best, these disruptions can be a major inconvenience. At worst, they can be a PR nightmare. The good news? BMT has deep experience providing best-in-class IT security to our clients.


When you work with BMT, staying safe & secure is just the beginning.


Proactive security eliminates many common security threats.


Minimize disruptions and keep your team & systems moving.


We work hard to fight security threats before they emerge.

Service Overview

We safeguard your systems, data and customers from fast-evolving digital threats.

Instantaneous on & offsite back-ups minimize loss of business or data in an emergency.

Always-on network protection covers all angles to one-up would-be intruders.

We specialize in IT security you can take with you anywhere, on any device.

Protection Tools

  • Cybersecurity Training/Awareness programs
  • Multifactor / Biometric Authentication
  • Password Management Solutions
  • Regulatory Compliance Planning and Remediation
  • Disaster Recovery and Continuity Planning
  • Appriver SecureTide / Mimecast email protection
  • Dell SonicWall Firewalls
  • Citrix ShareFile / Echoworx Email encryption

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The best form of business protection is proactive security. Contact us and elevate your security standard.