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Six Technology Resolutions for the New Year

These six simple resolutions are not only achievable, but will also make your tech life less problematic for the coming year.  So skip the gym, sleep a little later, and eat that extra scoop of ice cream – BMT has your New Year’s resolutions covered for 2018!

    • Free Up Device Space. Deleting old and redundant files is a simple job you can do any time. Remove old photos and videos, uninstall apps not used – for additional suggestions visit the storage feature under your device Settings. Cleaning up will help your device run at peak performance.
    • Update Your Software. No one enjoys seeing that Windows Update message, but these incremental software patches are essential for the smooth and safe running of your devices. Continually check your device for updates and revise accordingly.
    • Make Sure Your Anitvirus Program Is Renewed. Your antivirus program should be running in the background to keep you protected against threats that may come your way. Check to make sure your program is current, and periodically perform an in-depth scan. These thorough scans are essential to identifying and catching new threats.
    • Move to the Cloud. Old MP3 files, scanned photographs, home movies – now’s the time get all of these files off your local hard drives and into the cloud for easy access.
    • Untangle Those Wires. Sound tedious, but having an organized cabling system can really speed up the tasks of troubleshooting or reinstalling devices, and is probably preferable from a fire safety perspective as well. Inexpensive sleeves or stickers can help get the job done quickly.
    • Clean Your Gadgets. Removing bacteria from your phone, tablet, and other pieces of hardware should be at minimum, an annual ritual (more often for those with little ones). Microfiber cloths, a very small amount of water, and (in some cases) a little rubbing alcohol are the materials you need, though you should always check up online for specific details—your computer keyboard, for example, can take a more rigorous cleaning than your brand new iPhone X.

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